Passport To The Promised Land

NITRO presents a co-production with Sheffield Theatres in collaboration with Greenwich Theatre

Jordan is on a voyage of discovery. At nineteen years of age he leaves the Carribbean for England in search of his father. But rather than reaching England’s shores, his journey leads him unexpectedly to a far distant destination. At the gates of heaven, Jordan watches his family as they bulid a new loife and the spirit of the Carribbean moves us from the 1960’s to todays’s streets of Notting Hill. PASPORTS TO THE PROMISED LAND is an hilarious and serious tale of love and revenge on an epic scale. A musical like no other in which calypso an reggae meet gospel an lovers rock; where hip-hop and opera sit with samples, swingbeats and soul. Musical styles are shamelessly plundered and fused to produce a magical tale of today and tomorrow.