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This Noise presents

No One is Coming to Save You

Two planes in the sky moving towards each other very slowly. A speck between them. What a relief it would be to just see something. Anything.

A “romance for the age of anxiety” (Matt Trueman), No One is Coming to Save You takes place over one night in the minds of two insomniacs. She sits in the dark staring at a glass. He is watching TV in a language he can’t understand.

Made by experimental theatre company This Noise, it’s about the garish places our minds rush to when left alone. It’s about hope, violence and the wait for morning.

★★★★ “Strikingly mature work” – The Stage

“A blazing debut” – The Guardian

“A romance for the age of anxiety” – Matt Trueman, WhatsOnStage

Want to now more about This Noise?

Founded in 2018 by Nathan Ellis and Charlotte Fraser, This Noise is a company that tries to find contemporary languages for political expression. They experiment with ways to stage new texts, by bringing inspiration from design, music and performance art. Supported by Arts Council England.