NT Connections 2022: Day 1

Greater Manchester’s youth theatres, schools and colleges perform here at HOME in the National Theatre’s Connections festival, a celebration of young people, theatre-making and the importance of access to the arts.

Please note, this show will begin at 19.00. Which group performs first will not be decided until the date of the performance.

Mon 25 April 19.00

Spotlight Drama Youth Theatre: Remote by Stef Smith

A girl called Antler steps out of her front door and throws her phone on the ground. She stamps on it. She then climbs the tallest tree in the park. She doesn’t want to be found, not by anyone. Seven teenagers’ lives all intertwine over the course of a single evening as they make their way through the park on a seemingly normal Autumn’s night. Remote is a play about protest, power and protecting yourself.

Fred Longworth High School: Find a Partner! by Miriam Battye

Find a Partner! is about the sometimes-catastrophic methods we use to find that elusive thing, love. This is Love Island scrutinised through a Black Mirror style lens as a group of young people compete to publicly couple up and fall in love forever or die… quite literally. Facilitated by a group of ‘influencers’ the group sign up to the ‘game’ while the rest of us watch, enthralled, judging and commenting the whole time, as the play asks the questions, what does it really mean to love someone, does it have to be forever and does it have to be only one person?

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