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Kingsway Park High School presents

Like There’s No Tomorrow

There are strange cracks appearing in the land on the other side of the world, turning habitats into wastelands and creating a new wave of climate refugees. However, no one’s worrying about that here – where a mayoral candidate is promising more, more, more. New industries, new jobs, new homes and masses of new stuff – all of it achieved by expansive and rapid economic growth. It’s what the people want. Apart from Maru that is, who’s asthma is really bad because the air is already thick with pollution, and their mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle, is falling on deaf ears. Their only sanctuary is the local park. Lush and green, it’s where Maru can re-connect, re-charge and breathe. However, as plans emerge to build on the park, and Maru’s parents appear to be seduced by the mayoral candidate’s invitation to consume as much as you can – something has to give. So, when a crack appears in Maru’s new state of the art bedroom furniture and then it spreads to the centre of town, and Maru seems to be the culprit, it’s enough to focus everyone’s attention – as they seek to deal with the symptom, whilst remaining oblivious of the cause.

Like There’s No Tomorrow was created with the Belgrade Young Company, through a process of discussion, research, improvisation, scripting and revision. They first performed this play on Monday 9th March 2020.Arts Council England Logo