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Left My Desk

Becca leaves the office at 8.56am. Uniform is waiting. They speed across the city, blues and twos blaring, on the trail of a missing woman. This is like a police drama! Except Becca is a social worker, and they never put social workers in police dramas.

Budgets across councils are at breaking point, making a difficult job increasingly impossible. Demand is high, wages are low, and burnout is common. Based on research, interviews and testimonials, Left My Desk is a play about social care in England today, exploring the crisis unfolding throughout our system.

★★★★ “It is good to see a company of this quality tackling contemporary issues in such a bold and imaginative way… An intuitive piece of theatre with bags of conviction and passion… A wonderful piece of storytelling.” – The Reviews Hub

★★★★ “A testament to the power of storytelling.” – The Stage on Flew The Coop

★★★★★ “This is engaging, this is moving, this is sad, and this is very, very funny” – London Theatre 1 on Flew The Coop

“Goodness, it’s the kind of work I come to the fringe to see” – Lyn Gardner

Want to know more about Lost Watch?

Lost Watch formed in 2013 by Rianna Dearden, Olivia Hirst and Agnes Wild and has created four award-winning shows based on honest and gripping stories with no set rules of style or content.

Previous shows Play for SeptemberKATEGoodstock, Á Eigin Fótum and Flew The Coop have all gained critical acclaim, and have toured nationally and internationally.