I M Pact: Let’s Go

I M Pact is a community of dancers joined by their passion for supporting, creating and experimenting in the underground world of freestyle dance.

Let’s Go is a seven minute short film, and the first project presented by I M Pact. The film sees forty freestyle dancers collaborate from all different styles, including contemporary, jazz, tap, afro, B-Boy, krump and commercial.

Created during lockdown, we see the dancers occupy the stages of Greater Manchester: The Lowry, Manchester Opera House, Contact, The Portico Library, International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester Museum, HOME and the Royal Exchange Theatre. This is the first time these performance venues have come together for one project.

There, they fill these empty spaces with life, and make them their home. The film lives to celebrate the ongoing spirit of collaboration and community which will not be suppressed by lockdown. It highlights the dancers, and celebrates their endless resilience.

Let’s Go is about the shared need of the dancers and the theatres for their audience to return.

Watch the trailer here – full film coming soon: