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Homelands – Zombie Apocalypse

A menacing dystopia, in which a zombie pandemic has left society fragile and fragmented. A strange, morbid world- where the threat is less the zombies, but more the mysterious evacuation convoys which take people away without warning…


About Homelands

Homelands explores what happens when everything you know has been turned upside down.

Participants are thrown into the centre of an imagined world and asked to creatively respond to the upheaval they find themselves in.

This collaborative project is a way to catalogue human ingenuity and provide escapism during a time of crisis. Homelands is for anyone who needs a creative outlet and sense of connection during this time.

This interactive experience asks you, the participant, to help in the creation of an imagined world. Alongside others who have selected the same world, you will decide how to respond to an adverse situation that you are faced with. Your situation will be detailed in an original short story which is unique to you! This story will be handwritten and posted to you*.

You can undertake this as a solo activity, or take part with your household.

*research indicates that the risk of passing COVID-19 via paper is very low- however, all sanitary precautions including hand-washing before writing and posting the letters are being adhered to. No member of the Plaster Cast team has knowingly come into contact with the virus, and all have been social distancing.