Ad Infinitum presents

Home from Home: Journeys into Elderly Care

Podcast & Zine


In the last few months, as part of Ad Infinitum’s lockdown activities, they’ve been gathering personal stories from people across the country of their experiences of the elderly care system in the UK. They have spent hours chatting with people whose elderly relatives have received care at home and/or lived in a care home, hearing from those that struggled with the system or found it helpful, and people who work in the system. With permission, they recorded the conversations and commissioned a podcast maker, Jennifer Bell, to turn them into a fantastic listening experience.

This podcast will be released as three episodes

Available for free from Ad Infinitum’s website or all major platforms.

A transcription of the podcast will be available to download.

Jennifer Bell (BBC Radio 4, Bristol Old Vic) is a composer, producer and performer. She creates song portraits of people, often drawn from verbatim gathered from interviews. She specialises in close-harmony vocal compositions, which combine storytelling with the stylistic influences of folk and jazz. Jennifer works as a sound artist across performance genres, as well as making musical docu-dramas for BBC Radio. Her practice was the focus of Michael Rosen’s BBC Radio 4’s ‘Word of Mouth’ following her song tour of The Houses of Parliament. She collaborates in the UK and internationally with singers, live artists, writers, dancers, filmmakers, academics and theatre makers, and has performed or staged work at Social Muscle Club at Sophiensaele (DE), Mayfest (UK), and Seedworks (USA).


Ad Infinitum have also commissioned visual artist, Naomi Gennery, to create a response to the conversations to be shared online. They are super excited to be collaborating with these two brilliant artists in two completely different and new artforms for them as an organisation.

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Naomi Gennery is a Bristol-based graphic designer, illustrator and maker. Inspired by a mishmash of influences Naomi likes to take on serious subjects with a playful, light touch using type, bold colours and scribbly illustrations throughout her work. With an interest in collage, zines, diy culture, satire, and crafts, Naomi uses mixed media to create her illustrative work which can be seen on her website

The podcast and zine are available to access for free on Ad Infinitum’s website.