Gym and Tonic

Hull Truck Theatre Company

Don Weston is over paid, over weight, over forty and under stress.
Life at home is hell. His wife hasn’t left him yet, but his sex life has. He can’t stand his in-laws and his kids can’t stand him. The one thing left he can rely on is his blood pressure, and it’s only because he takes a reading every hour.
When his wife drags him off to a health farm for a week, Don is scared to death.
She wants him to lose weight, but he’s more fighted of losing his mind. After all, can a man who once could stand on his hands after nine pints and a curry, spend a week throwing pots? And what can carrot juice, cavorting around in the nude and Tai Chi do for a business man with all the lastest executive toys?
so, if you’re worried about your anxiety level, why not join us for a dose of comic therapy?