Gumbo Jumbo

the gogmagogs

‘Gumbo’ is the name for the classic Cajun stew – where all available ingredients are thrown into the mix. After simmering for several hours the result is extremely spicy and delicious! Gumbo Jumbo is the gogmagogs’ signature show, and consists of some of the tastiest morsels from their entire repertoire….
Performed by seven, young classically trained string players; Gumbo Jumbo is a carnival of comedy, tragedy, and poetry. The performance style switches from physical cartoons to moments of surreal beauty. The music ranges from classical to big band blues; to Madagascan dance rhythms, including pieces by Mike Westbrook, Roger Eno, Luke Stoneham and Stephen Warbeck. The musicians are impressive performers, bringing an energy, humour and personal charm to the work that is irresistible.