Duel Control International presents Teatro Delle Briciole of Italy in

‘Nessumo Acceco’il Gigante’
Ulysses and his men were held captive in the Giant Cyclops’s cave. The Giant asked Ulysses his name and he cunningly repleid ‘ I am Called Nobody’. That night, Ulysses used a red hot stake to blind the Giant in his one eye.
Fellow Giants hearing the screams, rushed to their brother’s aid, but when he called out ‘Nobody is attacking me!’, they thought everything was alright and went away. So Ulysses and his men escaped…
But what happened to the Giant after this? Now, thousands of years later, the Cyclops is brought thrillingly to life with a twenty foot tall puppet. And inside that puppet, there are yet more puppets.
Teatro Delle Briciole (literally the Theatre of Crumbs) is one of the world’s leading children’s theatre companies, performing regularly at famous theatres such as La Scala of Milan and the Teatro Quivino of Rome. ‘Giant’ was the big success of Royal National Theatre’s ‘Breaking Boundaries’ tour. It now returns to Britain for just 20 performances. The performance, for children of six upwards, is mainly in English.