FLARE17 HOME Double Bill #2

By Simon de Winne & Tibaldus (BE)

‘When I’m dancing, I don’t care a thing if the ugliness comes out or not, ‘cause I’m dancing, it’s me’.

In Baardeman a body repeatedly walks on and off the stage. Again and again it tries out new shapes, shapes through which to construct and re-construct itself. Only gradually do those watching start to sense why.

Baardeman is a research project by Belgian actor Simon De Winne, in which he questions the possibilities of his own movement, and the relationship between movement and identity. It is a surprisingly touching and energetic exploration of how a body can move, and what it might say about the person moving.

Created and played by: Simon De Winne
Coach: Louise Van den Eede
Scenography: Simon Van Den Abeele

Supported by: The Flemish Government, The city of Ghent, Tibaldus (Ghent), Artcentre De Werf (Bruges), Artcentre Campo (Ghent), Ballhaus Ost (Berlin). This project was realized with the support of the Flemish government and the city of Ghent.

Castle Rock
By Massive Owl (UK)

A distortion of the film Stand By Me.

As flashing neon lights descend upon the tracks, a boxing-gloved boy with a death wish comes head to head with a white suited locomotive and a deer in black patent stilettos…

Castle Rock is a new story inspired by three of the voiceless characters in Stephen King’s novella The Body and its 1986 cult film adaptation, Stand By Me. Expect distorted sound, movement and text as Massive Owl contort the book’s characters and twist the film’s soundtrack into a re-imagined story about loss and acceptance.

Welcome to Castle Rock!

Massive Owl are a collaborative performance company, based in Bristol, who make cinematic work that sits between theatre and live art. They tell stories and in the process challenge how a story can look, sound and feel.

Massive Owl have made and toured work across the UK and internationally, including at the Barbican Centre (London), Project Arts Centre, (Dublin) and Mayfest (Bristol).

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“A dark and dangerous thriller that will follow you home from the theatre and sneak under your bed when you’re not looking… A moody and atmospheric offering… Very impressive for an hour’s work.” – The Greater Manchester Reviewer (Castle Rock)

“Stylish and coolly detached, right up to the moment when it reaches out a fist to grip your heart.” – Exeunt (Castle Rock)

“This is an exceptional piece of theatre which fearlessly explores the dark corners of the teenage male psyche, and does so with a freight-train rhythm that won’t stop, can’t stop, and will run you over if you give it a chance. It’s even better that Rob Reiner’s version, and that is saying something!” – Pure M Magazine

Castle Rock offers more than a unique take on narrative: it is a unique theatrical experience in which Massive Owl re-draw the roadmap for adaptation.” – No More Workhorse

“In Castle Rock, Massive Owl evoke a very specific time and place – here they have made a stunning piece, permeated with style and grace and beautiful images. I think it will run and run.” – Emma ​Bettridge​, Ferment​ ​Producer, Bristol Old Vic

Castle Rock is a thrilling undertaking and has been developed with great style, thoughtfulness and invention.” – Kate Yedigaroff, Co-Artistic Director, Mayfest

  • Recommended age 14+
  • Running Time: Total 2 hours 10 mins (including interval)
  • Running Time Breakdown: Castle Rock 60 mins, 30 mins interval, Baardeman 40 mins
  • £12 full / £8 conc