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An award winning solo by Lisa Verbelen, in which a rolling score drives the increasingly musical contribution of a lone performer, as she negotiates the inevitable circularity of the world she’s caught up in.

Enchantingly simple, this is a performance that reflects on movement and, because it’s a solo, on loneliness – a very beautiful choir piece for four voices, sung by one woman.

Lisa Verbelen graduated with a Masters in Music Theatre from the Royal Conservatoire of the Haag in 2014. She is part of award-winning theatre collective BOG who graduated from the Theatre Academy in Maastricht in 2010.

Leopard Murders
By K.U.R.S.K (CH)

This is the story of George Christoph Ebrecht – a radical politician, speech writer, Nazi SS officer, peace activist and grandfather of Timo Krstin, director of K.U.R.S.K. What does it mean, to learn from history? What is truth? What will always be propaganda? And what does this say about the populist politicians of today?

Sometimes seen as controversial, Leopard Murders has been broadly acclaimed across Germany, Austria and Switzerland (in English).

K.U.R.S.K is a theatre group consisting of Timo Krstin, Lukas Sander and Liliane Koch, that creates theatre projects dealing with political and historical topics in relation to literature.