Faith Healer

a Library Theatre production of

Frank Hardy travels round the sleepy backwaters of rural Wales and Scotland dispensing his talents as a faith healer. His wife, Grace, travels with him, as does his manager, the sweet-talking Teddy, who could charm the birds off the trees, and much else besides. Each have a different take on Frank’s skills as a faith healer.
Brian Friel’s moving, humorous, and beautifully hypnotic drama is one of real poignancy and intense emotional power, possessing a rich life-affirming humanity.
Faith Healer will be directed by Roger Haines, whose recent productions of Brian Friel plays, Translations (September 2003), which won the coveted Best Production award at the Manchester Evening News Theatre Awards, and Dancing at Lughnasa (September 2005) proved to be extremely popular with audiences and critics alike.
“Mesmerising. In the end, magic does occur… A remarkable play.” Michael Billington, The Guardian
“Stunning.” David Cote, Time Out New York
“An extraordinarily rich, elusively looping piece of writing.” Kate Bassett, The Independent

*Running time: 2 hours and 40 minutes including the interval
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