Action Hero presents

Extraordinary Rendition

The battle for hearts and minds starts here.

How does culture become a weapon of warfare? How is a Britney Spears song connected to a global network of secret prisons? How does radical philosophy become military strategy?

In a cabin built from the same materials as Camp X-Ray, the temporary detention facility at Guantanamo bay, and with the same internal dimensions of a detainee’s cell, Extraordinary Rendition is a piece for one person at a time that uses video, sound and live performance to interrogate the kind of colonisation that begins with the battle for hearts and minds.

“See why this maverick company, with its engaging DIY aesthetic, is attracting so much attention.” – The Guardian

Commissioned and produced by In Between Time for IBT15. Co-commissioned by Arnolfini, supported by LICA and The ShowRoom, Chichester. Funded by Arts Council England. Action Hero are members of Residence and are a Farnham Maltings Associate Company.

  • Recommended age 16+
  • This is a 15 minute performance for one person at a time
  • This show takes place in a confined space
  • £5 full