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Download your own Duckie colour me in sheet! Just click here.

Duckie is a reimagining of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling with a message of tolerance and self acceptance at its core.

Family-friendly glamour and glitz takes centre stage as critically acclaimed cabaret star Le Gateau Chocolat breaks out of his shell in his first work for children, a classic tale of identity and belonging.

Set in an animal circus, we join him on an adventure of self-discovery, asking questions of the ‘happy ever after’ in a celebration of difference.

Walking a little differently? Sounding a bit strange?
Watch Duckie triumph by realising that these are his strengths.

“A clever take on a familiar tale with a modern twist and some imaginative touches in its staging” British Theatre Guide

A reinvention of family theatre that achieves that hardest of tasks – producing a show that enthrals and engages a young audience, but one that could easily be consumed by a late night adult only theatre or cabaret audience.★★★★★
The Reviews Hub

Beautiful, touching, uplifting and funny musical theatre for kids

“Duckie has a powerful message that most wish we grew up with: be who you are, and be proud of it.”
Whats On In Adelaide

His voice is sublime. His compassion and childlike joy is heart-bursting. His talent extraordinary… a must-see show.
Big Words Blog

It’s rare to find a children’s show that is so densely packed with ideas, while also remaining accessible, but Duckie manages to pull this off.★★★★
Upside News

Duckie delivers a message of acceptance and tolerance that resonates with adults and sows a seed in young children that hopefully blossoms in every new generation.”
Live Art Alive

Duckie is a beautiful, thoughtful show
Circles & Stalls Blog

Le Gateau Chocolat’s brilliant performance, innovative use of set, and heart-warming story brought out the child in me, one that was thoroughly entertained by the phenomenal spectacle presented
The Mancunion