Charlotte’s Web

A Library theatre Company production

A happy play for all the family (children aged 5 and upwards).
Charlotte’s a spider. Wilbur’s a pig. Both live in the barn at the Zukermans’ farm, along with all the other animals. They can talk, naturally. But what makes Charlotte special is- she is a spider who can write¡
Wilbur is happy at the Zukermans. until he discovers they’re fattening him up for the dinner table. He enlists Charlotte’s amazing writing talents to save his bacon. In doihng so he learns about love and friendship and bravery- and the two win a great victory.
E B White’s Charlotte’s Web is remarable. Despite some bad moments or two it’s very joyful story, which has become a huge favourite with children and their parents. Now the Library Theatre Company brings Charlotte’s Web to life as a Christmas treat for families and schools.