Ballet Bar

Choreographed and performed by the Compagnie Pyramid

Set in an underground New York jazz bar somewhere between Prohibition and the explosion of bebop, a company of six hip hop dancers mix mime, physical comedy, acrobatics and a century of dance styles inspired by Charleston, Calypso, Tango and Electro.

As each individual record is laid on the bar’s central gramophone, the six characters respond with performances of such high energy, virtuosity and physical surprise, it leaves audiences buzzing for days.

The Pyramid Company was founded 13 years ago in Rochefort by a group of friends. Ballet Bar was their hit show of the Off Avignon Festival and has since been invited to tour around the world.

“Stylish, sophisticated, and smooth… A pleasure to watch. Very good.” – Reviewer Number 9

“This quirky, exuberant blend of hip-hop and circus runs relentlessly for an hour without an interval, hardly allowing its five performers to stop for breath… A highly entertaining show that should enjoy a great reception on its world tour and leave audiences everywhere grinning from ear to ear.” – British Theatre Guide

  • Recommended age 6+
  • Running time 60 mins approx (no interval)
  • £12.50 full (conc. available)