Babe the sheep pig

a Library Theatre Company Production

This is a tale of high adventure in the farmyard; of humble beginnings and couregeous triuphs. This is the story of one piglet’s rise to become the world’s most famous ‘sheep pig’.
when Babe is won by Farmer Hogget at the villiage fair, an extraordinary friendship begins, one that will change the whole farm. With the help of his new ‘mother’, the old sheep dog Fly, Babe fast learn that herding instinct, and it’s not long before this most polite of pigs wins over the suspicious sheep.
When the day of the ‘Grand Sheep-Dog Trials’ dawns, the whole farm holds its breath to see wheather Babe will triumph, against all the odds, to become the hero of the hour.
David Wood is the country’s top children’s playwright- perhaps best known for The Gingerbread Man and his adaptations of The BFG and The Witches. This new adaptation of Babe -The Sheep Pig has been specially commissioned by Whirligig and The Library theatre Company for Manchester Audiences.