The Library Theatre Company presents

Accompanying Rock ‘n’ Roll is three performances of Audience, a short play by Václav Havel, who became the first president of Czechoslovakia after the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Havel was a founder-member of Czechoslovak human rights movement Charter 77 who spent much of the time during which Rock ‘n’ Roll is set as a dissident. A noted playwright, one of his most intriguing pieces is called Audience, in which Havel imagines an encounter between a long-serving brewmaster and Ferdinand VanÄ•k, an idealistic young assistant.
Christos Chanios, who is on an attachment as an assistant director at the Library, and who worked on recent Library Theatre productions The Glee Club, Independent Means, Great Expectations, and Rock ‘n’ Roll itself, will be directing the production, which runs between Wednesday 11 – Friday 13 March. Appearing in the play will be two members of the Rock ‘n’ Roll acting company, David Crellin as the brewmaster, and Nicholas Osmond as VanÄ•k.