An Evening of Hip Hop

A double bill of work-in-progress performances with Adam Scott and Groovanometry - Anton Phung

HOME, Greater Manchester Artists Hub and Manchester Independents are pleased to present;

7pm – The Four Pillars

Groovanometry Presents: The Four Pillars tells the story of one young boy’s journey of discovering hip hop. Through his exploration into its elements of DJing, MCing, breaking and graffiti, and its principles of peace, love, unity and having fun, we discover significant moments in his journey through hiphop which lead him discovering a culture that changed his life.

Director: Anton Phung (LB)
Writers: Juraj Farnik (Faro), Anton Phung (LB), Mina Suder
Additional writing: Jay Chambers
Producer: Mina Suder
Choreographers: Ereson Catipon (Mouse), Juraj Farnik (Faro)
DJ: Adil Khan (KhanFu)
MC: Jay Chambers
Dancers: Anton Phung, Harry Dolan, Juraj Farnik, Erosion Catipon, Jordan Clarke, Cedric Maseko, Dominika Chloewa, Joanna Byczkowska, Gianluca Papa, Michael Granby, Juanjo Lopez Martinez

Running time approx. 30 mins

8pm – Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner is a script in development by Adam Scott, that explores the narrative of a broken family. In the aftermath of an argument each character goes their separate way. As we follow the characters, we see them question: what binds their family together? Acknowledging the shared traumas and things left unsaid, that create the foundation of a broken family.

Hip Hop theatre combines storytelling with one or more of the 4 artistic pillars of Hip Hop: Breaking, DJing, Graffiti, and MCing (rap). This combination of artistic communities inspired youth during the development of Hip Hop from 1973. Sunday Dinner uses rap and break dance to present this narrative of a family, through a semi-stylised performance to engage and relate with the audience.

Going forward Adam plans to continue the development of Sunday Dinner. Exploring narratives behind family and community, whilst championing the artistic side of breaking, especially since its acceptance into the Paris 2024 Olympic games.

Artistic Advisers

Edenamiuki Aiguobasinmwin, for providing guidance in choreography and Hip Hop theatre

Andy ‘Testament’ Brooks, for providing mentorship in script and character development

Fellow performers

Gareth Maudsley (North West Theatre Arts Company)

Tempany Windsor (Midlands Academy of Dance & Drama)

Running time approx. 45 mins

About Groovanometry 

GROOVANOMETRY is a annual hip hop jam based in Manchester- UK.

The organisation focuses on highlighting the hip hop culture in the positive light by creating a ‘movement’ that puts the spotlight on the talents of our world, showcasing to you a series of events in a mini festival weekend of dance, music and art.

About Adam Scott

Adam is a theatre performer and hip hop practitioner. Having trained in musical theatre, as well as in break dance; he focuses on the use of Hip Hop as a performance medium in theatre.

Under the North West Theatre Arts Company, Adam trained in performance and musical theatre for 14 years. And began his break dance journey 10 years ago, under the mentorship of Bboy Justroc (Floorgangz and Mighty Zulu Kings).

Over the last 10 years, Adam has worked as a professional performer across Europe, as well as competing up and down the UK at various break dance events.

Since 2018, Adam has taught classes through Break Dance Manchester. With the aim of inspiring the next generation of dancers, developing future Olympians and theatre makers.

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2 hours

This is a double bill of work-in-progress from artist Adam Scott and Company Groovanometry with Anton Phung.

Please note that Sunday Dinner contains strong language (swearing) and some scenes of moderate violence. This will be mostly presented through choreography though and be more stylized than realistic.

Tickets are £8 full price (£5 concession)

7pm – The Four Pillars by Groovanomentry, running time approx. 30 mins


8pm- Sunday Dinner by Adam Scott, running time approx. 45 mins