All The Bens

re:play 2013

Ben likes Al, but tough guy Al says he’s straight and isn’t keen on being stalked by a weird and fragile gay man he’s just met off the internet. Al likes Henry, but not in that way. Besides, Al has other things to worry about. Like his girlfriend. And finding a job. And life. Henry likes numbers, especially the number 7. He’s also just starting to discover girls. Trouble is, he hasn’t really discovered much about them yet. He’s also trying to understand Ben and what makes him tick.

When Ben meets Al, and Al meets Henry, that’s when everything changes. As Ben continues to chase Al, and Henry continues to ask lots of honest and brutal questions, Al tries to understand the world around him, and his place in it.

All the Bens is a vibrant portrayal of loneliness, desire, sexuality, and what happens when you meet your monster in the park. It explores themes of restlessness, boredom, and casual gay sex, as well as the integration of young people with special needs in a world where everyone has their own messed up view. An engaging, often humorous and thoroughly engrossing production.

All The Bens contains some strong and expicit language. Suitable for 15+

All tickets £8/6


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