Al Harah UK Theatre Talk: A Voice for Theatre and Culture in Palestine

Marina Barham

HOME is delighted to be welcoming Marina Barham from Al-Harah Theatre as part of their Al-Harah Theatre UK Tour: A Voice for Theatre and Culture in Palestine.

Marina is the General Director of Al-Harah Theatre (Bethlehem, Palestine) and will be talking about the organisation’s powerful story and impactful work. Taking into account the current situation in Palestine, Marina will discuss the vital role of theatre in aiding children, young people and communities in overcoming trauma. This is a unique opportunity to hear firsthand from a Palestinian cultural activist.

This event is ideal for cultural practitioners, theatre makers and those with an interest in children’s theatre.

Part of HOME’s INDRA Collective.

About Marina:

Marina Barham is the co-founder and General Director of Al-Harah Theatre with over twenty years’ experience as a cultural operator in Palestine, the Middle East and Europe. She is a leading figure in numerous cultural initiatives advocating for social change through the Arts.

About Al-Harah Theatre:

Al-Harah Theatre is dedicated to creating transformative theatre experiences with a commitment to authenticity and accessibility. They tour locally, regionally and internationally to diverse communities and marginalised areas. Al-Harah Theatre has received numerous awards and is a proud member of several local, regional and international networks that aim to foster collaboration and cultural exchange.

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