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MAS Productions presents

20 Minutes of Action

Nwando Ebizie’s new works were created after she discovered she had a rare neurological condition called ‘visual snow’ –  which means that she sees everlasting images, halos and dots all the time, and relives actions again and again. This visceral performance asks what ’20 minutes of action’ means when experienced by a survivor of trauma.

Inspired by psycho-dramatic retellings of European and African folktales and rituals, 20 Minutes of Action features a live electronic score and draws on the artist’s research into perceptual disorders and dance research into Haitian Vodou, Vogue and Ballet.

The galleries will be open on both Sat 20 & Sun 21 Jan, 13:00 & 20:00 for you step into Ebize’s accompanying installation and encounter the world as she sees it. Entry to the installation is free.

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