10 Days On Earth

Queer Up North in association with the Library Theatre Company presents

the smallest actors in the world will pull your heartstrings

Darrel’s mother’s cautiously steps across the stage, pausing briefly at the threshold of her bedroom door to reflect on her life, before she steps inside and closes the door to be alone; to die.

Darrel is a middle-aged man with a learning disability. When his mother does not re-emerge from her room he continues his daily routines as best he can and talks to her through the bedroom door. Soon, episodes from the past play out like faded colour snapshots from a family album, illustrating a mother’s love for her son in all its compelling honesty and fierce, unwavering will.

10 Days On Earth is sad but funny, poignant but never mawkish, affectionate but unapologetic. It’s rich with complex emotion, yet simple enough to tug at your heart.

Ronnie Burkett is the world’s leading exponent of marionette puppet theatre, using elaborately crafted puppets to tell intricate stories. This is the fifth production he’s brought to queerupnorth, continuing a special relationship between the festival and one of the world’s greatest artists.

The original production of 10 Days on Earth was co-commisioned by queerupnorth, Barbican BITE:07, Canstage and WienerFestwochen.

“We need a show such as Burkett’s to remind us that in the hands of a master puppeteer, old-fashioned string marionettes can make you laugh, weep – and even think” The Guardian

“Ronnie Burkett is one of the world’s geniuses” Village Voice, New York

“[10 Days On Earth] is an immensely moving production, achingly sad, real and suffused with melancholy. Ronnie Burkett – what an actor, what a writer. And what a world he creates.” Edmonton Sun

“This was my first encounter with Burkett and it will stay with me for the rest of my life.” Sydney Stage


N.B. Performances are for over-14s only. Latecomers will not be admitted.