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Sam Steele

Sam Steele took part in Cornerhouse’s first ever BFI Film Academy. He has since gone on to create some great short films, including Unarmed Combat, which screened at Sanford International Film Festival and Glastonbury Film Festival.

Q & A

What’s your earliest memory of cinema?
Spy Kids 3-D. Granted, it’s not the most impressive first experience of the cinema, and there was a slightly painful introduction to the film that consisted of a central character directly addressing the audience, telling them when they should put their 3D glasses on. But I was only six, and I remember loving it.

What has been your most difficult achievement?
I’m not exactly an exercise or outdoors type, so a five day trek through the Lakes for my Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was pretty tough. Only a countless supply of strawberry laces kept me going.

What book can you read time and time again?
John Cooper Clarke’s poetry collection, Ten Years in An Open Necked Shirt. His words have undoubtedly inspired countless creatives, and every time I read that book I always find something new in his sharp take on heightened reality.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what piece of music would you take?I’m fairly typical in terms of music taste, and as such I’d take The Beatles’ Abbey Road. It’s always been my favourite record and is a great example of how pop music – or any art that strives to be popular, in general – shouldn’t be viewed as artistically less than more high-brow stuff.

What are you most proud of?
My most recent short film, The Exam, has been selected to be shown at Glastonbury, which is beyond surreal. Fingers crossed that Kanye West will stumble into the cinema tent and give it the seal of approval.