Ronly Lam (he/him)

Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring Stage and Technical Management Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons). involved numerous productions in Hong Kong, such as: Fantasy Puppet Theatre <The Great Adventure of Pineapple Sea>;

Metroholik Studio <Suddenly Single>; Actors’ Square <Boeing Boeing>, <Peek a hole>,

<Death>; Artocrite Theatre <Forget me Not>, <Scary Can>, <Bamboo>; Music Quotient

<Bluebird of Happiness>; Shakespeare 4 All <Macbeth>, <Romeo & Juliet> ; The Theatre

Wonderland <Mulan> ; Littlebreath Creative Workshop <Only When You Sleep, it works> ;

Le French May <invitation to Voyage> , iStage <Offlihne Dreamer>, Hong Kong Federation

of Drama Societies <Luna Gale>, 55th Schools Dance Festival Competition and

International Art Carnivals, LC Berlin X SingFest HK <WAHRHEIT! Bachs

Johannespassion als Schauprozess (Berlin)>, Eggs Collective <The Show After Party

Show> (UK) etc. Starting from 2008, Ronly Lam was invited to be the tutor for Stage

Management for several organizations such as JSDP (Joint School Drama Production),

Teens Theatre, DGS Secondary School etc. Furthermore, Ronly Lam has been

participating in dozens of commercial events, expanding the horizons of stage

management into other fields. Ronly Lam is now stationed in the UK and working as a

freelance Stage/Production Manager. Currently Manchester based.