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Raisa Maudit

Raisa Maudit is an artist, curator and cultural producer based in Madrid. Her work focuses on the representations of individual and collective desires, needs and expectations in confrontation with the established socio-political patterns, with especial interest in the limits of the politically correct. The artist uses different mediums to create interactive art pieces, forcing the viewers to respond and position themselves when experiencing Raisa’s work.

Raisa is co-founder and director of Storm And Drunk Space (S.A.D) in Madrid. Through the project S.A.D, she establishes new relationships and dialogues with the cultural context of the city, developing artistic productions, curatorial projects, scenic pieces and cultural mediation with different agents and institutions, both from inside and outside the established circuits. Her artwork has been shown in galleries, art fairs and international museums in different cities, including MACBA (Barcelona), Gitte Böhr Gallerie (Berlin), and Museo Universitario El Chopo in Mexico City.