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Mighty Heart Theatre are Sam & Lisa, a couple of twenty-somethings who love leopard print, discos, people & community. The company was born in September 2014 on a crisp autumn evening over pizza, wine and chats about making art that might change the world.

At Might Heart Theatre, they aim to challenge the status quo. They’re passionate believers that theatre has the ability to affect and educate audiences leaving a lasting impact…that’s what is important to them.

They aim to make theatre for everyone whilst challenging the conventions of theatre making.

Mighty Heart Theatre have social and political issues at their core. They create imaginative, innovative and educational performances that inform our audience whilst opening debate and tackling important stories.

They create theatrical campaigns.

Q & A

If you were stranded on a desert island what one book/piece of music would you take?
Sam: I would take my ‘Feel Good’ Spotify playlist which is made up of the disco tunes we played after our first rural theatre performance. It makes me feel on top of the world, partly because I love 70’s disco and partly because it reminds me of the magic that we created in Laxfield Village Hall in July.

Lisa: I would take ‘Reet Petite’ by Jackie Wilson. I was brought up on Soul, Motown & Rock&Roll music and this song brings so much joy to me & makes me want to move my body!

What’s been your most difficult achievement?
I think convincing myself that I can be an artist and a business woman. The arts has this air of mystery about it, artists aren’t encouraged through their training to learn about producing and the business of the arts. When you’re faced with it in the real world it’s a massive steep learning curve. I’m so proud that Lis and I have Mighty Heart and that we can share with others that you can make your own work and be a business person as well as an artist, if we can do it, you can do it!

Lisa: My most difficult achievement (so far) is realising Mighty Heart Theatre. For so many years I felt disempowered as a jobbing actor so to take the step from actor to theatre-maker took a lot of faith & grit. I experienced intense self-doubt as an actor but it’s funny because I don’t feel any self-doubt with Mighty Heart Theatre, I believe whole heartedly in our vision to seek out truth, share stories & build communities through art & theatre. Throw in a 10 day emigration to Australia, being on job seekers and suffering with depression. The arts & theatre absolutely saved my life without question.

What has been the biggest influence on your life/career?
Sam: I think people and community. All work, even when I was a jobbing actor was really influenced by the general public and the stories of those people. Mighty Heart are heavily influenced by community, people, stories. I feel like that’s what makes me tick creatively, it’s always about people.

Lisa: Gosh! I would say the biggest influence on my career is probably my upbringing. I was born in Oldham and I’ve moved around a lot in my life. My parents split when I was around 4 and I’ve never stayed in one place. I think because of my upbringing there is this fire within me that seeks to find a community, a place to belong and I think that’s part of why I wanted to set up a theatre company, to have a platform to explore that. I’m deeply interested in when we strip away our layers, what are the things that most motivate us as individuals, what are our basic wants and needs? It’s something I think about every day, I’m fixated with truth and it definitely appears in our work as Mighty Heart Theatre. We are always seeking to ask ourselves what are the things that unite us? What are we all striving for really? So yes, probably having an unsettled upbringing is my biggest influence because it has instilled in me a desire to want to fix the world.

What film/book can you watch/read over and over again?
Sam: ‘Nights at the Circus’ by Angela Carter. I was given a copy of this book by my movement teacher in 2006. I can’t dance very well but we got on really well, her name was Ruth. I’ve read it so many times, I never get bored of it. ‘Nights at the Circus’ is magical, theatrical and epic. It follows the story of a trapeze artist in 1990s, she is half woman, half swan and the story sees a young American journalist follow her around on her adventure of a life time.

Lisa: I’m yet to find ‘the one’ when it comes to books! I would rather go to the theatre and watch a live performance. Throughout my 20’s I would go to the theatre 3/4 times a week, that’s where I get my kicks. I’m a really visual learner so I find it quite hard to sit through a book, I have to read the pages out loud and visualise and imagine what I’m reading to be able to take it in so live performance speaks to me more than sitting with a book, if anyone has any life changing fiction book suggestions, I’m all ears! Film wise, it’s absolutely The Godfather Parts 1 and 2. I can watch that over and over and over.