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Bren O’Callaghan

Bren O’Callaghan is Curator, HOME and has an independent practice as a producer, curator and artist, based at artist studio collective, Paradise Works in Salford. His work explores collaboration, creative compulsion and the championing of outsider enthusiasm. Projects range from the popular Sketch-O-Matic almost instant portrait booth, Scratch ’n Sniff Cinema series, BFI binaural broadcast Carnival of Souls and UK Producer for Peaches Christ Productions’ immersive cinema presentations.

Bren has produced an extensive range of artist films for John Walter, La JohnJoseph, Jamie Shovlin, AL and AL, James Richards and Rachel Maclean, curating the likes of AL and AL’s Incidents of Travel in the Universe, Cockadoodle: The Erogenous Art of Maurice Vellekoop, Rachel Maclean: Wot u :-) about?, The Haus of Bruce LaBruce, John Walter: CAPSID, and most recently David Bethell: Fleeting Flights.