Professional dancers who identify as trans, non binary or gender non conforming wanted

Professional dancers who identify as trans, non binary or gender non conforming (UK based)

for Cassils ‘HUMAN MEASURE’


HOME Manchester are collaborating with visual and performance artist Cassils and choreographer Jasmine Albuquerque on the international premiere of Human Measure to be performed in Manchester on Thu 7 October 2021.

Human Measure will coincide with Cassils first UK solo exhibition within HOME’s gallery curated by Bren O’Callaghan.

Human Measure is looking for five transgender, gender non conforming and non-binary professional dancers, to perform in a dance movement that centres personal safety, vulnerability and problematises visibility in a moment of heightened violence against the GNC/Trans community. Performers must be versed in contemporary dance and comfortable with partial nudity.

Applicants must be based in UK/mainland Europe and available for the period Sun 26 Sep – Fri 8 Oct 2021 inclusively.

This is a paid opportunity for anyone from anywhere in the UK. Subsistence will be paid for anyone outside of Manchester.

To apply, please email with a link to an online performance reel, Instagram/online handles or other means whereby we might view your movement experience or range of practice. Alternatively, please provide a one-minute video link of you dancing.

**Deadline extended** now 18.00 on Fri 20 Aug 2021

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by Tue 31 August 2021 for follow-up discussion.

Further information

Cassils is a transgender artist who makes their own body the material and protagonist of their performances. This is Cassils’s first piece of contemporary dance which is rooted in their knowledge of kinesiology, martial arts, sports science and photography to reinterpret Yves Kline’s Anthropometries paintings.

The physical performance chapter is 20 minutes in duration, with a corresponding period of stillness, and the choreography is physically and emotionally intense. We are dedicated to providing an environment of care.  We are seeking a strong ability to communicate to ensure everything feels equitable and consensual. There are also moments in the movement where we want your unique experience to be incorporated within the work. In addition to being a brilliant mover, strong improvisational skills and personal or cultural dance practices are also of interest.

We are excited to share this movement journey with you!

Photo credit: Cassils Human Measure – cyanotype detail, 2021 Photo Bonny Taylor