HOME Film Podcast: Black History Month 2020

To coincide with Black History Month at HOME, our dedicated programme of theatre, film, art and events, we spoke to three guests taking part to talk about their work, perspective and views on the annual celebration.

Joined by film programmer, critic and curator Liz Chege, writer, performer and spoken word artist Ella Mcleod and musician, actor and activist To!u A¡ayi, one half of To!u x Aden. Megan McGurk, part of the HOME team, hosted the podcast.

01:19 – Introduction of events and guests
02:40 – What role does arts and culture have in Black History Month?
09:55 – Has there been a shift in Black representation on screen? (Liz) Continues into representation throughout music and literature.
26:58 – Having a sense of pride and identity through writing and literature (Ella)
32:30 – Is there still a pressure on Black creatives and producers to assimilate to get noticed within film? (Liz)
35:18 – How can art be used as a tool for rebellion? (To!u)
47:08 – Bringing different languages into your art. (Ella)
52:25 – Are we aiming to get to a point where we don’t need to have a Black History Month?
54:57 – HOME Sound Sessions and To!u x Aden’s music. (To!u)
58:00 – Back History Month in lockdown: has there been an impact?

If you’d like to check out our full Black History Month programme, head to our Black History Month 2020 page.

This podcast contains references to violence against Black people. If this is an issue that affects you, you may find the following organisations helpful: 

to!u a¡ayi – Website@toluajayimusic
Liz Chege – @elchronicleafrica-in-motion.org.uk
Ella McLeod – @McLeodandAngry