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Manchester Open 2020: How to Price your Work

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Tips on pricing your artwork

  • First things first…only put your artwork on sale if you want it to sell! If not, select ‘not for sale’.
  • Have you sold work before? If so, you may already be aware of a typical asking price for your work.
  • If you are a professional artist we suggest you consider any known benchmarks for selling your artwork and do not devalue your work.
  • Don’t overprice your work. If you require £10,000, it is unlikely to sell in this context.
  • Is this your first time selling your work? Research similar artists and artworks to get an idea of prices by early career artists, if applicable.
  • Do you know anyone who has sold artwork before? If so, make best use of any contacts by reaching out for advice and suggestions.
  • Take in to account the time taken, the materials used and if relevant, the cost of any framing.
  • Ask yourself what you would be happy to pay for a comparable work if you were buying it for yourself.
  • While there will certainly be collectors visiting the exhibition, the vast majority will be those who will see a work they wish to live with, in a home environment, so their budget is likely to reflect this (in the region of £50 – £250).

Selling your work through HOME

  • HOME will facilitate sales of artwork during the Manchester Open.
  • All artworks will be paid for in full by buyers, there is no provision for paying in instalments.
  • When someone wishes to purchase a work, they will be advised by our gallery team to make an enquiry with our box office staff. All artworks will be numbered for display only, for cross-reference against a full listing guide that will include artist name, title and price.
  • Our box office staff will take a payment in full and cross the work off a sales-list. A red dot (sticker) will be placed by the work in the gallery to indicate the work has sold.
  • We can only sell work that is present on site. We cannot manage the sale of multiple editions. Should we receive further enquiries once a piece has sold for a work that exists as a multiple, we will speak with the artist to arrange an introduction to a potential buyer.
  • Artworks will be available for collection at the close of the exhibition only. HOME do not offer a delivery service.
  • Buyers will fill out an Artwork Purchase Form before the work is given to them.
  • On the close of the Manchester Open, HOME will calculate sales payments for payment to artists whose work has sold.
  • HOME retains 30% of sale price, which is expressly used to fund our activities with audiences and those on a limited income.
  • The artist will receive 70% of the sale price, payable upon receipt of an invoice following discussion with the HOME team as to amount owed, if any.
  • Should the receipt of funds be problematic for any reason, or you do not have a bank account, we will endeavour to assist where possible with alternative means of reimbursement.

For further information, please email manchesteropen@homemcr.org with your query and a member of the team will get back to you when available. Please be patient, as we expect to process multiple enquiries.