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You Were Never Really Here + Q&A

Joaquin Phoenix stars as Joe, a damaged Gulf War veteran and former FBI agent turned assassin for hire, who specialises in saving young victims from child sex rings. When Nina (Ekaterina Samsonov), a US Senator’s daughter, is kidnapped, he is tasked with taking out the perpetrators and saving her. Adapted by Ramsay from the novella by Jonathan Ames, this is a mean and lean film concerned with tone and texture rather than convention. Evocative of Taxi Driver, it is driven by a remarkable score by Jonny Greenwood.

You Were Never Really Here screens on general release from Fri 9 March.

You Were Never Really Here is the final film reviewed in our March film podcast. Hear what we had to say at the 12.14 mark!

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We are pleased to welcome Lynne Ramsay for a Q&A following our special preview on Tue 27 Feb, chaired by Sarah Perks, Artistic Director of Visual Art at HOME.