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You Can’t Take It With You

Lionel Barrymore (the formidable Mr. Potter in Capra’s 1948 It’s a Wonderful Life) plays Martin Vanderhof – the eccentric patriarch of the anarchic Sycamore household. A former businessman who retired from the rat-race 30 years ago, Martin lives his life to the fullest, devoting his attention and fortunes to having fun in post-Depression US. At the centre of his family is his granddaughter Alice who is enjoying a whirlwind romance with her wealthy boss’ son Tony Kirby (James Stewart). The farcical comedy unfolds when Tony’s stuffy, aristocratic family come to meet their potential in-laws for dinner. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway show by Kaufman and Hart, and featuring an excellent ensemble cast, You Can’t Take It With You is an enjoyable Capra classic and truly worthy Best Picture Oscar winner.