A Venezuelan-Colombian co-production with a Cuban director, this powerful film delivers a truly universal message: the importance of self-determination of our bodies and identities, and especially in the case of those born intersex.

Ariel is a young dressmaker whose first intimate encounter with a boy is an extremely painful experience; something about her body seems odd. Tenaciously digging into her past, Ariel discovers she was indeed born different and underwent surgery to be raised as a girl. Battling vehement opposition from her mother, and discrimination at work, Ariel embarks on a traumatic but liberating journey to find understanding, forgiveness and freedom.

Peppered with flashbacks, artfully overlapping sound and image, and group therapy testimonies, this is a sensitive and beautifully crafted film.


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Translated title:
Being Impossible


Full English

97 minutes

Country of origin:
Colombia and Venezuela

Year of production:

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