Yellow Earth

Directed by Chen Kaige

In Northern China, 1939, a communist army folklorist collects peasant songs. In one impoverished village he meets a young songstress who dreams of leaving with him in search of a better life.  

The film that re-introduced Chinese film to the world in the mid 80s looks even more remarkable 20 years later. The gorgeous long-lens landscape photography by Zhang Yimou is based on Chinese scroll painting. Like A CITY OF SADNESS, the film is full of unseen things. History and happiness happen elsewhere. YELLOW EARTH is a ravishing film, whose images and melodies are remembered long after the credits roll.

YELLOW EARTH brought international recognition and acclaim to China’s ‘fifth generation’ of film directors to graduate from the Beijing Film Academy. Chen Kaige went on to direct some of the most celebrated contemporary Chinese films including FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE, while Zhang Yimou served as cinematographer on this ravishing, influential debut feature.

90 minutes


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