WOFFF/ Taking Pride: Who we are, how we age, who we love

Brilliant short films by and about older women with a queer twist. Tales of women over 50 falling in love, caring through COVID, fighting for battle rap glory and raging in menopause.

Tickets on sale from Fri 22 Jul.

Films screening will be:

Mid Life: The Skin We’re In (Lucy Richardson/GB 2020/8 mins)

Mid Life pauses three fierce women at a moment in time – the Menopause. Their bodies are changing and they have something to say. A poetic look at how to celebrate, survive and thrive in your own skin. An uplifting film exploring the expectations we place on women’s bodies, and how we can rise through them to a deeper appreciation of ourselves.

And Yet (Lucretia Knapp, Lynne Yamamoto/US 2021/3 mins)

An almost silent film created in COVID isolation, this is a meditation on love and the inevitability of loss.

Inside (Jemma Cholawo, Lois Norman/GB 2020/2 mins)

Sometimes it takes the darkness of a disaster to throw light on the enduring power of love. A tender reflection by filmmaker Lois Norman as she keeps her 95-year-old father close and safe at home during Lockdown. Holding the memory of loved ones in our hearts and reclaiming the power of love to sustain us.

Nene (King Louie Palomo/CA PH 2020/17 mins/in Filipino wEng ST)

Nene is an accomplished retired painter living in Bulacan in the Philippines. As she tries to finish a painting, her daughter and grandson travel from the city to visit her. A story of families and secrets, about our beginnings and our endings.

#DaughterFail (Krissy Mahan/US 2020/5 mins)

A queer story of a mom in an elder-care nursing home. In this animation secrets are uncovered, and a reunion is thwarted by COVID-19.

The Isobel Imprint (Ali Grant/CA 2021/7 mins)

12 years after the devastating suicide of her oldest sister Isobel, filmmaker Ali Grant travels back through old letters, photos, and home movies to arrive at a pivotal moment in their intertwined destinies. With humour, insight, and love, she explores her own coming of age, 3000 miles from home, and the lasting imprint of a sister’s invitation into a world of possibility.

Joy Uncensored (Natasha Hawthornthwaite/GB 2020/15 mins)

64-year-old Joy France attempts to break gender and age stereotypes by competing in the brutal, youthful, male-dominated world of battle rap. A story of one woman’s daring attempt to embrace life.


59 minutes

Country of origin:
Canada, Great Britain, Philippines and USA

Year of production:

This screening has no adverts or trailers and starts at the advertised time