WOFFF/ Best of the Fest: Balancing

Short films from around the world with women over 50 at their heart. Stories of holding steady, falling down and finding our equilibrium – on land and at sea.

Tickets on sale from Fri 22 Jul.

Films screening will be:

The Birth of Valerie Venus (Sarah Clift/GB 2020/15 mins)

A selfless vicar’s wife is possessed by a strange force, unlocking a mischievous and pleasurable side she never knew she had. The story of a woman going on a journey to make changes within herself, from looking after others, to looking after herself.

El Habbasa (Fishing Net) (Dania Elmor/EG 2019/10 mins/in Egyptian wEng ST)

Wafaa Ghareeb lives in Kafr el Sheikh, Egypt. She wakes up in the middle of the night to start her daily work. She catches fish by hand and then puts them into her fishing net, her “habbasa”.

Takeaway (Lou Sumray/GB 2021/5 mins)

A hand-drawn animation inspired by the antics of the bowerbird, and an insight into what really happens to items that so many of us throw away.

Lay Me Low (Marlene Millar/CA 2015/8 mins)

A traditional Shaker song, performed by ten dancers, musicians and singers, cuts to the heart to communicate a universal feeling of loss while evoking a paradoxical sense of intimacy.

The PRATT in the HAT (Susan Hillary/US 2021/15 mins)

Octogenarian Dr Frances Pratt owns hundreds of exquisite hats. Beneath their colourful brims is a trailblazer, a social justice and civil rights fighter and a champion for the marginalised and underserved.

There’s a Reason People Don’t Swim in Dresses (Andrew Brooks/GB 2021/2 mins)

In a light-drenched quarry pool, a woman swims in a wedding dress made of blue dishcloths.

Dutchess of the Sea (Mayke Pels, Sanne Kranenborg/NL 2021/25 mins/in Dutch wEng ST)

Four Dutch women in their fifties row across the Atlantic, competing in the world’s toughest rowing race: the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. It is a test of endurance, both physically and mentally, as they face their personal fears and flaws, while needing to rely on each other completely.


80 minutes

Country of origin:
Canada, Egypt, Great Britain, Netherlands and USA

Year of production:
2015 - 2021

This screening has no adverts or trailers and starts at the advertised time