Way Back Home

Directed by Supriyo Sen

EUROPEAN PREMIERE – FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE In 1947 after a protracted struggle India achieved freedom from British colonial rule at the cost of dividing the nation in two. A million were killed in the wake of violent communal riots between Hindus and Muslims. Millions more became refugees, amongst whom were the director’s parents, who had to leave their ancestral home for an unknown future. After more than fifty years Supriyo Sen follows his parents as they visit their lost homeland in what is now known as Bangladesh. This poignant film is about this journey, individual and collective memories and the historical consciousness that arises from personal recollections. Acclaimed filmmaker Supriyo Sen’s fourth documentary is the result of a grant from the prestigious Jan Vrijman Fund (International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam) following a worldwide script competition. Shot clandestinely and censored by the film certification board of India, Way Back Home is a courageous and militant reminder of defining events for the people of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

120 minutes

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