Water Drops on Burning Rocks

Directed by François Ozon

The third feature for the incomparably stylish and French enfant terrible director Ozon (SITCOM) is a provocative yet sometimes playful portrait of manipulative relationships, based on a play written (but never produced) by a young R.W. Fassbinder. An older businessman picks up Franz, a naïve young man and installs him in his home. The fluctuating balance of power between them intensifies with the arrival of the men¹s ex-girlfriends. Ozon’s flair for production design reaches dizzy heights with this recreation of 70s Germany.

WATER DROPS is a fascinating, sometimes hilarious, and occasionally alarming picture of relationships, bathed in a 1970s-crimpolene interior. Glorious!


86 minutes

Country of origin:
France and Japan

Year of production: