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Under the Shadow + Rainbow

This ambitious feature debut blends period detail of 1980s Iran with a good old-fashioned horror story, crafting a film that is as smart as it is scary. Fans of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and The Babadook will enjoy this immensely.

Terrifying fun or just plain terrifying? Listen to our film podcast to find out. Review starts at 6.10…

Short film screening alongside this feature film: Rainbow

“In my opinion childhood is one of the most important periods in life, as it lays the basis and the foundation for the rest of the character to grow on and most of it is usually hidden from our adult mind.” Rainbow is a double screen short film, which shows portraits of three individuals in Tehran, the capital of Iran, who speak of their childhood while living their daily lives at their home or in the city. The film starts with Nariman’s memory, inside his house, continues with Sahar’s childhood dreams while she is driving through the city and it ends with Ali’s story in the heart of the city. These three individuals could have been anyone else who are passing the camera in the streets. Rainbow shows the different colours in society.