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UK Premiere / Retablo + Intro

High in the remote Peruvian Andes, 14-year-old Segundo is training to follow his father’s footsteps in the traditional folk art of retablo-making — crafting intricate, artisan story-boxes depicting religious scenes and important everyday events. Segundo reveres his father, but he’s also becoming restless with the weight of carrying the family legacy on his shoulders. When he stumbles across a heart-breaking secret his father is harbouring, Segundo will come to face the raw reality of his deeply religious and conservative landscape, as well as a more profound connection with his father than he’d ever imagined. This coming-of-age story masterfully explores the weight of heritage, the boundaries of love, and the burdens of family expectations – as well as the complexity of accepting our parents for who they really are.

Event details

Introduced by Dr Rebecca Jarman, University of Leeds, on Wed 3 Apr. This talk will be BSL interpreted.