UK Premiere/ Libélulas

Directed by Luc Knowles

Without jobs or a future, childhood friends Álex and Cata have forever dreamed of leaving their forgotten neighbourhood, somewhere near Madrid, a lonely land of empty shops and decadent bars. As they plan their escape, they enjoy each night as if it were their last, as beautiful and as fragile as dragonflies.

When corrupt cop Vico catches wind of their plot to sell stolen drugs on his turf, time seems to be running out for Álex and Cata. The pace is often frenetic as the story builds towards a tense finale, but it never neglects the nuances of deep friendship between these two young women, whose lives have been blighted by family tragedy, poverty, drugs, and total lack of opportunities in their dead-end town.

Event/ The screening on Thu 16 Mar will be followed by a Q&A with writer-director Luc Knowles.

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103 minutes

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On sale: Friends 9 Feb, Members 10 Feb & General 13 Feb