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UK Premiere/ La Botera

Set in an industrialised river neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, this first-time film follows a 14-year-old struggling to navigate the mysterious process of ‘becoming a woman’.

Tati’s single dad barely scrapes by with his ferry rowboat and battered old taxicab, but Tati still dreams of breaking gender stereotypes and becoming a ferrywoman herself. School assignments and student cliques are equally hard for tomboy Tati to master, but at least she can hang out with Kevin, her sweet, younger best friend. Soon, however, 17-year-old Maxi catches her eye and prompts some achingly awkward attempts at flirtation. Although her impoverished circumstances and desperate lack of female role models may be quite extreme, Tati’s journey follows a touching universal theme of teenage growing pains.

Programmed with thanks to HOME volunteers and Young Programmers.

Short film screening alongside this feature film: Inocencia

15-year-old Raquel’s behaviour at home has become increasingly strange and aggressive, with no apparent cause. She refuses to communicate with her parents, who are desperate to find out what’s going on.

This is the fourth short film from Paco Sepúlveda, a director, screenwriter and actor born in Cádiz, Andalucia.