UK Premiere/ Formentera Lady

Directed by Pau Durá

Samuel, an aging hippy eking out an existence as a banjo player on the tiny island of Formentera, is suddenly left in charge of Marc, the 10-year-old grandson he barely knows. Diagnosed with a heart condition, he struggles to deal with his new responsibilities, as young Marc struggles to acclimatise to his grandfather’s bohemian existence without electricity or any mod cons. A darker side to this island paradise comes to light as their relationship grows, shifting towards a more nuanced and ambivalent approach to 1970s nostalgia and romanticised isolation. Featuring a host of charismatic characters and a great soundtrack from King Crimson, Durà’s debut as writer-director is a pleasure to watch and confirms his talents behind as well as in front of the camera.

Catalan and Spanish

Full English

85 minutes

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