UK Premiere/ Estación catorce

Directed by Diana Cardozo

Seven-year-old Luis is learning to make sense of the world. Violence touches his surroundings, living in a rural Mexican town sometimes caught in the crossfire between drugs cartels and the police. There’s an inevitable loss of innocence as Luis navigates his way towards the adult world, not least in the revelation of his beloved father’s human frailties. But the film is also full of family love and loyalty, childhood games and friendships, and a wonderfully gentle appreciation of creatures great and small, from the tiny crickets in the fields to the puppies and chickens that scratch about the dusty town.

This third feature from journalist-turned-filmmaker Diana Cardozo draws out fantastic performances from all the cast, in a bitter-sweet tale from the fragile world of a little boy discovering the mysteries and complexities of life.

Plus/ This film will be preceded by Ingrid (Dir Albert Pons/MX 2022/18 mins).


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87 minutes


Full English

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