UK Premiere: END Trilogy

Directed by Carlos Casas

This is the UK Premiere of Carlos Casas’ complete multi award-winning END Trilogy. The trilogy is dedicated to extreme and inhospitable environments on the planet. From whale hunters of Siberia, to fishermen of the Aral Sea, and to hermits of Patagonia, these documentary films are anthropological portraits of indigenous peoples and places on the distant peripheries of civilisation. Casas’ epic, award-winning work is a lasting cinematic testimony to remote ways of living which are quickly disappearing.

Artist, curator and activist James Brady tells us more:

Films screening in this package are:

Solitude at the End of the World
Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Argentina/2005/52 min/Spanish with English subtitles.

Aral: Fishing in an Invisible Sea
Moynak, Uzbekistan/2004/52 min/Russian and Karakalpak with English subtitles.

Hunters Since the Beginning of Time
Chukotka, Siberia/2008/52 min/Russian and Chukchi with English subtitles.

Presented as part of the GAIA: Resonant Visions arts programme of the 6th World Conference of the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER 2015) in Manchester, 23–27 August.

HOME is a cultural partner of SER 2015, alongside The Whitworth Art Gallery, which will also be hosting exclusive screenings of film/video works by Ursula Biemann, Oliver Ressler, Basia Irland, and Aviva Rahmani on 27 August. The SER 2015 arts programme, GAIA: Resonant Visions is curated by James Brady.

156 minutes

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