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Turning 18

A documentary following the experiences of Chen and Pei, two indigenous Taiwanese teenage girls, who meet at a vocational training programme. Both Chen and Pei come from eastern Taiwan and have grown up in difficult family circumstances.

Chen takes care of her siblings and her alcoholic mother, and constantly dreams of leaving. Pei has decided to move in with her boyfriend in order to escape abuse at home. As they approach the age of 18, their lives are destined to take very different paths.

Turning 18 tells the story of the girls’ abandonment and struggle, but also of their courage and conviction in making changes to their lives. Director Ho Chao-ti’s documentary addresses issues of sexual abuse, LGBTQ rights and rural poverty.

Tickets on sale from Fri 22 Jul.

With thanks to the Queer East Film Festival and Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan).