Trembling Before G-d

Directed by Sandi Simcha DuBowski

****Special Preview + Director’s Discussion Tue 3 Jun, 8.35pm****DuBowski’s bittersweet and passionate documentary reaches out to those struggling to reconcile sexual orientation with the teachings of the cherished religion that has formed their lives. The director explores the plight of gay and lesbian Orthodox and Hasidic Jews, from the U.S. to London and Israel in a series of interviews, some comic others distressing. Stories of literally shocking aversion therapies and parental dismissal are countered by testimonies of self-acceptance, defiance and a call for organisation and debate from the first out gay Orthodox rabbi Steve Greenberg. “DuBowski’s sober, scrupulous documentary doesn’t lash out at an oppressive religious structure so much as offer a hopeful prayer – out of love and devotion – that it be made better.” Village Voice, New York

75 minutes

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